Use Mail Fulfillment Services to Get Holiday Catalogs to Your Customers On Time

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Mail fulfillment services ensure that your holiday catalogs and other time sensitive promotional materials won’t get delayed when getting sent out to your customers.  If you have your employees prepare and send out holiday catalogs, coupons, or other materials that contain time sensitive offers or seasonal products the items might not reach the customers in time for them to place their orders which could end up costing you sales.

People usually start buying holiday gift items around two to four months before the next holiday season. When you sell products through a catalog and you have holiday catalogs that need to be sent out if your catalogs full of holiday items don’t arrive in a timely way customers can purchase from other catalogs or decide to purchase different gift entirely.

Even though your employees might have the best intentions it’s easy for them to get delayed in sending out the materials by illness, or a big workload.  Mail fulfillment services are the most reliable means of sending out promotional materials if you want to makes sure that they get to customers on time. If you have to fire an employee who handles mailings or if one of your employees quits during the time when the holiday catalogs need to get sent out you can lose a good portion of your holiday sales as a result of the delay.

Mail fulfillment services can send out catalogs, postcards, newsletters, coupon books, and many other types of promotional materials to customers all over the country.  If you have promotional materials that have to be delivered to customers before a certain date using a mail fulfillment service is the most cost effective method of ensuring the materials are sent out on time.  Most companies can’t afford to have a bad holiday sales season, especially in the current economy, so hiring a fulfillment company will help you protect your holiday sales.

Hiring a fulfillment company  also takes the stress of scheduling mailings, storing promotional materials, and creating huge sheets of customer address labels off of your employees so that they can get back to doing their normal work. If you consult with an account rep at a mail fulfillment company you’ll find that the per item price for mail fulfillment services is very reasonable when compared with the cost of having your employees prepare mailings. This year don’t take a chance with your holiday promotional materials. Use mail fulfillment services and make sure your customers get your holiday catalogs and coupons in plenty of time for the holidays.