Even Your Vacation Requires Effective Logistics Management


Image by santacrewsgirl{the original} via Flickr

If you work hard for a living, you know how valuable vacation time can be. The ultimate goal is that for those one or two weeks there will be not talks of memos, shipments, mergers, fulfillment, manufacturing and the hundreds of other items you need to deal with on a daily basis. The vacation is a time to relax and regroup. Of course creating a perfect a vacation is also a prime example of how logistics management works. Even if you’re taking a break for the job, you still want things to run smoothly.

Your ideal vacation begins with a thought: “Where would you like to go?” That’s the same kind of notion that occurs when a company develops a new product. It begins with a thought. As that thought or idea coalesces, it’s time to make it a reality. Once you’ve picked your ultimate vacation destination you need to figure out how to get there. This is going to require a certain amount of research. You can always delegate your goals to a travel agent much like you would delegate your business goals to a manager.

Now you have the place and how to get there but where will you be staying? Chances are you might be traveling into unknown territory which means taking the recommendation of someone else as to the best place to stay. Or this could mean more research on your part. It’s the same as figuring out the best place to warehouse your products. You have a goal, now how to achieve that goal?

After you’ve arrived at your destination it’s time to get the lay of the land and figure out what to do. You may have already plotted out some highlights and sites to see. You’ll need logistics to figure out how to get to these sites and how much time to spend there. Vacation logistics management really comes into play when you’re traveling with family, especially if that family includes young ones. That’s a whole other level of “customers” you have to keep satisfied. If you’ve done your planning then everyone will have the proper amount of travel distractions such as books, DVDS and games. You’ll also have to coordinate daily wake-up, departure and feeding times. Having fun yet? Actually by applying the same kind of logistic management techniques you apply to your business practices you’ll find that you’re vacation is stress free. Isn’t that how you want to run your business as well? Just like you need to help to ensure your vacation is relaxing and stress free you need fulfillment services to make sure the ordering process is stress free for you and your customers.