Inventory Management

Inventory Management Services

Inventory Management Services

Accurate inventory management is key

Accurate inventory management is an essential component for any successful business, small or large alike. Inventory is an asset, but it also a liability until it has been sold and accounted for. Under-supply the inventory and you run the risk of impacting potential sales. Oversupply inventory items and you create a carrying cost.

Lead times and inventory management

At Southern Fulfillment Services we rely on our experienced staff and inventory control systems to accurately manage inventories on a just-in-time (JIT) basis to control inventory. We strive to procure inventory items to match our production requirements and leave as little as possible in the warehouse.

We manage our inventory based on the item lead times which can be broken down into three categories:

  1. Items that have long lead times from overseas markets usually requiring twelve weeks or longer for delivery;
  2. Domestic items with lead times between two to four weeks;
  3. Items that have very limited shelf life and short lead times

Our goal is to accurately forecast your sales and balance short, medium and long lead times with demand.

Let Southern Fulfillment Services develop a custom solution to accurately track your inventory levels and ultimately reduce your carrying costs and obsolete inventory.

Learn more about how Southern Fulfillment Services can handle your inventory management.  Click here for a quote or call us at 772-226-3605 for more information.