Shipping Ground or Air

Shipping Ground or Air

Working with major shipping companies to save money

Southern Fulfillment Services can handle any of your shipping needs. At Southern Fulfillment Services, we have built relationships with all the major carriers to ensure that we can provide our customers with competitive rates and reliable delivery results. We can provide delivery through your choice of carrier and service level, or we will rate shop your packages to ensure you are receiving the best rates available.

Southern Fulfillment Services experts will work with your company to build a custom solution to meet your requirements. Shipping methods include:

  • full truckload
  • LTL shipments, cross-dock
  • load consolidation
  • perishable
  • frozen
  • Parcel carriers (FedEx, UPS, USPS) direct to consumer shipments

Learn more about how Southern Fulfillment Services can handle your shipping.  Click here for a quote or call us at 772-226-3605 for more information.