Order Fulfillment, Warehousing and more

Order Fulfillment, Warehousing and more

Southern Fulfillment Services is a full service provider to national brands such as Meredith Corporation (Better Homes & Garden, Ladies Home Journal), Hale Groves, and Pittman & Davis.

Why choose Southern Fulfillment Services?

Choosing a Fulfillment partner like Southern Fulfillment Services allows our customers to focus on their strengths such as product development and marketing, while Southern Fulfillment Services focuses on the warehousing, customer care and fulfillment. Southern Fulfillment Services helps our partners grow their business by saving customers money and improving the quality of their goods and services. Regardless of your fulfillment needs, our approach is simple: to clearly understand objectives and achieve goals. We’ll roll up our sleeves and work side by side to deliver a dependable and trusting partnership.

Southern Fulfillment’s unique capabilities


Our management team has extensive experience in operating, marketing and managing product shipments direct to consumers. At Southern Fulfillment Services you’ll deal with quality professionals with tremendous passion in what we do. All business dealings with Southern Fulfillment Services will be handled confidentially and efficiently. We take your business seriously and will always work hard to earn your trust.

Specializing in direct-to-consumer fulfillment

Unlike many fulfillment companies, Southern Fulfillment Services specializes in direct to consumer fulfillment, with:

  • Over 12 million packages shipped directly to consumers since inception in 2006
  • Over 2 million packages sent to consumers in 2012
  • Ship over 35,000 packages a day during peak

Complex On-Demand Kitting

Southern Fulfillment Services can handle the most complex on-demand assembly and kitting customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how Southern Fulfillment Services can handle your fulfillment needs.  Click here for a quote or call us at 772-226-3605 for more information.