Going Viral After Outsourcing Fulfillment

You now have a trustworthy, dependable third party logistics company and fulfillment is a breeze. It is time to devote you laser focus mentality to marketing your product effectively, utilizing all the great Internet tools available today such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Stumbleupon, Digg and others viral marketing channels.

Planning and launching a viral marketing campaign is of outmost importance in today’s business world. Your viral content is like a seed in a field; if it is a strong seed (great, targeted content), it will have the best changes to grow. When a reader picks up on your valuable content and promotes it on their blog, social media site, etc. it has now propagated to more places, thus increasing the chances of it spreading even further.

When the pattern continues, you may eventually be promoted (for free!) in thousands of other cyber space places, therefore boosting your chances of getting on the first page on Google.

There are a few ways to do this:

Leverage your friends and contacts – only do this if the content is relevant to them and if so, it is likely your friends have blogs, post on forums, use Twitter, Facebook and more.

Leverage Social Media – Social Media has made it easier than ever to spread your seed. Twitter is currently one of the most effective as viral initiatives can spread like wildfire. At the very least, you will want to have a powerful account on one of these sites.
In a few minutes you can set up and build a power account.

Leverage related forums – forums are a great way to spread your content virally, providing it is unique and interesting. Word of caution: if not careful, you content may be seen as spamming and you can get banned, meaning the content will disappear along with your links.

Leverage email subscribers list – emailing to contacts on your list is a powerful technique. These people already know you and what your company is about. This is a perfect tool for spreading the word on your product. Just do not over do it and ensure that you only email your very best content.

Leverage business networking sites – if you belong to a networking group, some allow you to set up an account, offering to publish your content and promote your website by including its link along with links for your Twitter and Facebook page for example. At the very least, this should give you a nice traffic boost and some new readers.

Most importantly, you can rest assured that it does no matter how much your business grows or if this growth occurs overnight. The right fulfillment outsourcing company will deliver timely service that aligns and keeps up with your marketing efforts.