The Many Benefits of Pick and Pack Fulfillment

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Pick and pack is a popular management system that is used primarily by companies both large and small to eliminate storage and shipping inefficiencies. Businesses that ship numerous goods to numerous locations can save a lot of money with pick and pack fulfillment. The savings that businesses see occur at every point during the fulfillment process from storing the goods that are going to be sold to shipping the items to customer.

Businesses save money at the warehousing stage of the fulfillment process because they don’t have to pay to buy or lease a warehouse and pay for upkeep and maintenance.  For a small fee they can lease as much or as little warehouse space as they need at any given time. This also gives businesses the flexibility to try new products or order products in bulk to take advantage of discounted bulk pricing.  Companies can also stock up on items during busy sales times like the holiday season without having to pay for additional warehouse space for an extended period of time.

Businesses also save money during the ordering phase of pick and pack fulfillment because they don’t have to find, interview, hire, train and supervise customer service employees to take orders.  When customers have questions or need assistance they can talk to a well trained customer service rep from the fulfillment center who will help them place an order.  Then the order is sent to the warehouse where trained workers will locate the items that need to be shipped, pack them securely, and sent them to customers.

Because fulfillment centers often can negotiate large discounts on shipping costs due to the volume of items that they ship companies save money on the cost of shipping services which results in more profit and lower costs. Customers get their packages more quickly and companies save money which makes pick and pack fulfillment a win/win situation for businesses that depend on retail sales to stay afloat.

Get a quote from a pick and pack fulfillment center today and you’ll probably be surprised at how much money you can save and how much faster your orders will be sent out to your customers.  Using a fulfillment service can give your company the edge it needs for continued growth.