Refrigerated Transport is More Affordable Than You Think

truck.pngMany businesses don’t think about using refrigerated transport for their products because of the additional cost, but modern technology has made it much more affordable than ever before to ship items that need to be in temperature controlled environments.  If you have been putting off selling your products in new markets because you thought that the cost of refrigerated transport was prohibitive it’s time to take another look at temperature controlled shipping options. These days in order for a business to maintain its current position in the market or grow it’s necessary to start looking at new markets, new products, and new ways to reach customers so that your business will be able to come through any future recession fall out unscathed and still successful.  If you’re just starting a business it’s even more important for you to consider all of your options.

Small and medium sized businesses that can’t afford to maintain their own fleet of vehicles often find that working with a fulfillment partner is much cheaper and more reliable than trying to fill their own orders.  A fulfillment center that has good relationships with several different shippers can negotiate a lower price on refrigerated transport because of the volume of goods that they ship.  Shipping items that need to be in a temperature controlled environment from several companies gives a fulfillment company greater bargaining power than any small or medium sized business would be able to produce. That way companies who need refrigerated transport for their products can get the shipping they need at a low price that is bundled into the cost of fulfillment.

Expanding your sales market to include the entire US will mean a lot of growth for your business. Businesses that depend on local sales have been hit hard by the recession, especially in areas where jobs have become scarce and people don’t have a lot of disposable income. By using refrigerated transport you can boost your sales and get your business growing again without having to depend on local sales as the source of your income.  You can also protect your products and your business reputation by making sure that your items arrive undamaged no matter what the weather is like.  Working with a company that can ship temperature controlled items can even mean that you can sell products that used to be seasonal all year long, since the heat or other weather conditions won’t cause any problems with the product.