Is it Time to Switch Outsourcing Fulfillment Companies

Is it Time to Switch Outsourcing Fulfillment Companies

If you are increasingly dissatisfied with your existing fulfillment outsourcing services, this is the time to evaluate switching vendors. When changing outsourcing providers, significant risks can be minimized if you do thorough research to find a fulfillment company that follows best practices.

There are many fulfillment companies; however the best are long standing with many years of experience in making fulfillment outsourcing successful for their clients. Companies that have consistently exceeded client expectations and can scale to accommodate any project size, processes and products. Having deep knowledge of the business, allows them to establish superior solutions and in turn help your business in increased time to market.  You need problem solvers and a company that will get most out of your budget.

Hence, choose an outsourcing provider that recognizes how fulfillment significantly impact customer satisfaction. Make sure their systems are designed to make it easy and convenient for clients and their customers to order, pay for and have their products delivered accordingly. Conversely, make sure their capabilities allow them to track products carefully with detailed updates on customer records. This information enables them and your business to handle returns, refunds, exchanges and warranty services quickly and efficiently.

Consider the following factors to determine if your current outsourcing fulfillment company has these capabilities:

Inventory Management – Facilities should have effective warehouse management systems to provide an automated progression with scans at each step of the receiving, replenishment, picking, packing, shipping and returns process. These included Block Stacking, Single-Deep Pallet Rack, Double Deep Rack and Drive-In Rack

Pallet Storage – There are a number of pallet storage methods that allow the warehouse staff to store pallets efficiently.

Inventory Controls – Physical inventory that includes bar coding, lot control and location verification among other measures.

Kitting & Assembly – Assembling a number of SKUs into a kit to be sold as one item is a great service option. Determining the best process to use for the combination of multiple SKUs in a product offering can greatly increase the accuracy of your inventory and manage speed of order turnaround.

Freight Solutions – Make sure you can leverage their high volume shipper savings to benefit your bottom line. Whether shipping via ground or expedite service, priority or other services. An expert warehouse logistics provider will ensure the products are delivered to your customers in the most cost efficient manner while meeting the service levels promised.