Guide to Fulfillment and Warehousing Solutions

In today’s business climate companies need to continually seek new and innovative ways to reduce overhead and cut expenses. Outsourcing your fulfillment and warehousing allows companies big and small to concentrate on other key areas of their business. This guide will hopefully help you to choose the right outsourcing solution for your product that will enable your company to grow and be successful.  

The first step is to search for companies that have been in the business for many years and are committed to providing their customers with the best quality service at the most competitive rates available. Outsourcing fulfillment and warehousing allows you to absorb some of the cost risks involved with goods storage by committing to pay fees whether or not the space is utilized. You share the risks with the warehouse company, and in turn your costs will be less than public warehousing.

To find the right fulfillment warehouse, you need to determine where you want your warehousing services to be located and what size location you will need. Also, begin your search online to find a suitable company in that area and either visit that location before committing to the facilities, or seek out additional reference information from current clients of the facility.

Third party warehousing can give you many advantages including an increase in your supply-chain performance, as well as lower distribution costs. You can also inquire if your warehousing company offers the following services: transloading, inventory management, cross docking, labeling, inventory control, palletizing, trucking and drayage, packaging or quality control.

By outsourcing a secure and strategic location, experienced staff, friendly customer service, and a professional “can-do” attitude you have the formula for success. Make sure your goal is theirs as well and that they develop flexible, cost effective solutions to meet individual customer needs. 

The best fulfillment companies strive to implement new technology and practices to continue to grow with their customers.  As a true strategic partner, they become an extension of your business, operating behind the scenes and executing the fulfillment process seamlessly to properly manage your customer-oriented programs.

Be sure and thoroughly look through your contract. Make certain that the terms of the agreement are suitable to both parties, and that all the outsourcing responsibilities, whether just storing your product or taking care of the overall fulfillment services. are spelled out clearly. You can then concentrate in marketing and growing your business!