Fulfillment, Warehousing And Distribution Services

walmart distribution center

Image by Mr. Wright via Flickr

Fulfillment services relieve companies who might not have the staff or storage space to sell their goods of the need to pay for outside storage in a warehouse or storage facility. If you are having issues due to insufficient storeroom for your growing product stock, it is time to let an expert provider handle the warehousing and distribution for you.

Fulfillment companies provide excellent warehouse facilities and services that can offer many value added benefits while reducing your expenses. They offer many user-specific services for a number of businesses including climate control for products such as citrus fruit. By hiring a fulfillment services provider to handle things lik warehousing and product distribution you will be able to focus on other important functions of your business. Some of the many services and benefits fulfillment companies can provide include:

Warehouse Storage Space

The warehouse storage facility should be configured with stack areas and racking systems to accommodate a wide variety of merchandise. Safety, security, control and cleanliness are key focal point at specialized fulfillment services companies. Make sure that storage facilities are routinely maintained to ensure that roofs are leak-free, doors and locks are secure, video surveillance equipment is functioning correctly, and all aisles are free of debris. Visiting the warehousing facilities to witness first-hand how they operate is great if it’s an option. This will enable you to rest assured your products are stored in a safe environment.

Temperature Controlled Storeroom

Many fulfillment distribution centers offer temperature & humidity-controlled storage space for susceptible products or materials. A controlled environment facility is equipped with cool or chilled air capacity to facilitate the control of humidity percentage levels and overall temperature. Products which are sensitive to moisture, odor or rusting will need to be in temperature controlled storage.

Distribution & Transportation

Real-time orders, pick and pack assembly and planned retail distribution are just a few of the ways an experienced provider makes order fulfillment and shipping easier. Fulfillment services professionals will optimize your current strategies and even expand models for future needs. Their shipping and distribution experts can do an analysis to determine the most cost-efficient and client-focused strategy for your company. Transportation is usually one of the largest sectors of shipping costs, and choosing to use a fulfillment provider can sharply decrease your transportation costs by storing and shipping your items in centrally located warehouse facilities around the country.