Finding the Right Fulfillment Center for Your Business

Finding the right fulfillment center for your business is about more than just cost. While the cost of fulfillment services is a consideration for most businesses there are other factors that need to be considered when you’re choosing a fulfillment services company as well.  The fulfillment service that you choose is representing your business, and will be dealing with your customers, so it’s important that you choose a fulfillment company that you feel will make a good impression on customers and presents an image similar to the image that you want your business to present. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right fulfillment center for your business:

Talk to a customer service rep – Talking to staff from the fulfillment center is a great way to gauge how the staff there will deal with your customers. If they are polite, friendly, efficient and helpful with you then they will probably be the same way with your customers. If they are rude or unhelpful then you know you should keep looking rather than risk having your customers be treated badly. One of the best ways to judge how a company will treat your customers is to see how they treat you before  you sign up for their service.

Look at their facilities – Even if the fulfillment warehouse is on the other side of the world a virtual tour or photos of the facility should tell you a lot. If the facility is clean, well organized, and seems buzzing with activity then you will know that the fulfillment company is professional, well organized, and efficient. Makes sure that the company has the type of climate controlled space that you need in order to properly store and protect your products. Ask detailed questions about how the facility is secured to make sure your products will be safe.

Ask about their staff training – Because their customer service reps will be dealing directly with your customers it’s a good idea to ask how the customer service reps are trained. If new customer service staff are given a thorough training program and experienced customer service staff are continually encouraged to increase their skills it’s a good indication that they take customer service seriously. If, on the other hand, new hires are given only a day long training session in how to provide customer service it’s a good indication that they might not consider customers service to be as important as you do.