Boost Holiday Sales with a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign and Mail Fulfillment Services

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The holidays will be here before you know it, and mail fulfillment services can make sure your business is ready.  For many small businesses the holiday sales period can mean the difference between making a profit or spending another year drowning in red ink. The key to having a great holiday sales season is to be prepared and to get customers thinking about the holidays early.

Once the holiday season begins in earnest there will be hundreds of other merchants competing with you for the attention of your customers.  Mail fulfillments services can help you get catalogs, special pricing offers and other holiday marketing materials to your customers before any other merchants have a chance to zero  in on them.

Sending out holiday mailers a few months before the start of the holiday season, followed by reminder mailings just before the holiday rush starts is the best way to make sure that customers already have their gifts picked out from your company before the holiday shopping season gets into full swing.  Many consumers will have gifts in mind for certain relatives or friends well before November when the holiday rush usually starts.  Using mail fulfillment services will make it easy to get catalogs and information about new products to your customers early so they will be able to pick out their gifts and plan their holiday shopping budgets accordingly.

Mail fulfillment services can store catalogs and even assemble holiday sales kits full of catalogs, coupons, and other promotional materials that you want to send out to your customers. Because of the huge volume of mail that goes out of a fulfillment center on a daily basis fulfillment companies can negotiate steep discounts in shipping prices so you will pay less to have someone else assemble your materials and send them out than you would do it yourself or to have your employees do it. A centrally located fulfillment center can also charge less for postage because items will cost less to send from a central location.

If you have never used fulfillment services before find out more about how mail fulfillment services can help you get ready for the holiday sales rush so that you can prepare your business to get as many holiday sales as possible.  Mail fulfillment services are the most cost effective way to get your promotional material, catalogs, and special pricing offers out to customers before the holiday shopping season starts.