Do Fulfillment Services Really Work?

Maybe you are considering whether to outsource your logistics management and warehousing tasks to a third party, independent service provider. You’ve conducted the research, looked for testimonials and thoroughly studied the outsourcing partnership agreement. Yet maybe something still keeps you from taking the final step towards this new business structure. Call it a hesitation, or a last bit of indecision, but you can’t quite bring yourself to take the plunge. If you’re uncertain whether or not outsourcing fulfillment is right for you consider these compelling reasons to outsource your product fulfillment to a third party service:

You’ll Trim Your Operating Costs

First and foremost, outsourcing to a fulfillment service company saves you money. Money today, and money in the long run as your economic and commercial goals and objectives come to fruition. No more paying taxes on property and payroll.  No more searching for reliable and dependable warehouse staff workers or managers. No more expensive utility bills.

You’ll Improve Your Fulfillment Efficiency

Outsourcing gives you resources that might take years to develop on your own, if you’re able to develop them at all. By choosing a service provider able to handle your particular order fulfillment needs, you gain their experience and know-how, putting it to work for your business. In many ways, gaining a service provider’s skills and resources is much like jumping your business ahead several years, virtually overnight.

You’ll Have to Time To Concentrate On Other Goals

For example, your brick and mortar business needs a well-developed website to help handle its online profile and also to encourage ecommerce customers. By outsourcing, you free yourself from worries over warehousing and order fulfillment, and can concentrate instead on taking your business in new and innovative directions.

You’ll Have Time To Advertise

Many business owners are so busy simply “keeping up the pace” in their first year or two of business that they never find the time or energy to “take the offensive” and raise public awareness of their business through advertising and marketing. Well, much like ecommerce, outsourcing your fulfillment needs to a third party provider gives you the time to develop your best marketing campaign.Some fulfillment companies take their services a step further, providing direct mail marketing logistics management to their client businesses. This lets them manage and arrange mailings of catalogues, newsletters, and other promotional materials.