4 Biggest Benefits of Using Fulfillment Services

You may already have an idea of the many benefits of using fulfillment services. But if you want to know the straight out bottom line reasons why using a fulfillment company is going to save your business money and increase your efficiency and sales check out the four biggest benefits that companies get from switching to fulfillment services to do order processing.

1. Fulfillment companies store your products more cheaply than other storage facilities.  Saving money on storage not only gives you more money to invest back into the business it also allows you to lease more storage space.  Buying larger quantities of goods at wholesale rates can mean that you save a significant amount of money buying products to resell.  Switching to fulfillment services storage also eliminates the cost of owning and maintaining a warehouse and warehouse personnel so large businesses can cut their expenses and operate more efficiently.

2. Fulfillment services companies can ship products more cheaply than you can.  Shipping costs are skyrocketing because of rising fuel costs and other market forces.  Many retailers are taking a hit on shipping because their customers do not want to pay increased shipping prices but the products cost more to ship now than they did in the past. To mitigate increased shipping costs switch to a fulfillment center to fill your orders. Because fulfillment centers ship huge volumes of goods they can negotiate with the major shipping companies to get significant discounts.  You can benefit from the enormous purchasing power that fulfillment services have.

3. Fulfillment services provide great customer service staff.  Getting rid of the need to hire and maintain your own fleet of customer service reps can save hundreds of thousands of dollar per year without sacrificing the quality of the customer service that you give customers. Reliable, well trained, dependable customer service reps are part of the package when you choose to use fulfillment services.

4. Using a fulfillment company prepares your company for growth. If your company were to suddenly double or triple sales would your staff be ready to handle the increase in orders? Would you have the stock on hand to meet the demand? If you use a fulfillment company you will be ready to handle rapid growth without missing a beat.  Fulfillment services companies can store extra stock at a cheap price and have as many customer service reps and order processors as you need to fill the orders that come in no matter how many there are.