Franchise Your Unique Gift Ideas with Gift Fulfillment

You can turn your unique product into a franchise and collect a lot more money by using gift fulfillment services.  If you have created or purchased a product line of items that are very unique and hard to find it’s easy to create a franchise and sell those products all over the world.  Direct home sales parties and events held by consultants who have paid a franchise fee and are able to have the products they sell shipped directly to their customers from a gift fulfillment center to their customers can be a significant source of extra revenue for your business and it will help you build the brand of your business and increase name recognition around the world.

Makeup companies, gift companies, and other types of businesses have relied on direct home sales parties held by consultants for decades as a way of bringing in extra money. You can do it too. All you need is a unique product line that people will really like and don’t have access to where they live. You set a minimum price for each product, including the cost of order fulfillment in that price. The consultant then adds a fee to that price to cover his or her time and effort, and then sets the final price.  When customers buy the products the consultant gets a portion of the money and you get the rest.  Everyone makes money and the customer gets a great product that they would not be able to get otherwise.

Gift fulfillment makes franchising easy because it offers flexible storage space, fast shipping, and expert customer service reps to help the franchise holders get their orders placed. Order are shipped quickly directly from the warehouse, eliminating the need to ship products to the consultant and then have the consultant ship them to customers. Gift fulfillment centers can also send out promotional literature, special marketing materials, catalogs and other information to past customers so you can offer them special deals or exclusive products.

Gift fulfillment is critically important to gift based businesses. Often the profit margin on gift items is not that high and in order to make a decent profit from the product it’s necessary to save as much money as possible on processing and shipping costs. Using a reliable gift fulfillment center gives you the tools to make more money by franchising your product line as well as helping you save money on day to day operational expenses.

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