Wholesale Fulfillment Services

Proper storage of products and shipment are very important factors for both the retail and wholesale sectors as it is imperative to make sure that the manufactured products are well packaged and quality is the highest for delivery to the customers. Companies have to make sure that the fulfillment product services chosen are reliable and experienced. In this article, we will focus on wholesale fulfillment services.

Fulfillment companies that cater to online retailers typically have excellent technical means to facilitate real time interaction between the fulfillment house and the retailer. Orders are submitted from the retailer to the fulfillment company with shipment status and tracking information later transmitted back to the retailer. This data exchange enables the fulfillment company to communicate effectively and accurately no matter where the client is located.

Although, outsourcing the wholesale fulfillment process is not for everyone, for many retailers the benefits of these services are numerous. These undoubtedly include allowing the time and resources to focus on product development, marketing and customer satisfaction. It is important to point out that the product may dictate the suitability of fulfillment services, especially  items that are particularly fragile or that require refrigeration such as citrus fruits need special handling that only a specialized fulfillment company can offer.

The wholesale fulfillment service provider may act as a distributor, practicing the actual distribution of goods to local and individual shops. This service will ensure that your customers get their products in a timely manner. The client will be updated about the order processing status until the point of delivery. This method of fulfillment service is highly useful to the wholesalers. Furthermore, a fulfillment provider assures that all services such as warehousing, order entry, shipping, receiving, returns, inventory tracking, payment processing, and database management are expertly taken care of.

The pick and pack service is a part of a complete supply chain management that deals with processing small to large quantities of products. Products are often truck or train loaded, and often entails picking the pertinent goods for each destination and re-packaging with customized shipping label and invoice.
Additionally, the service may offer order and catalog fulfillment services, with the latter still considered to be a trusted, convenient, and popular shopping channel. So, rather than facing the hassles and disadvantages of an in-house fulfillment service, instead seek help from a 3rd party company to take over the wholesale fulfillment operation.