What You Can Expect From Your New Fulfillment Center

Once you’ve made the decision to outsource your order fulfillment to a third party fulfillment service company, you’ll first undergo the process of converting your shipping, mail order fulfillment, and logistics duties to the company’s facilities. That conversion time is actually relatively brief, however, as most fulfillment service companies are able to quickly and efficiently accept its duties on behalf of the new client business. Presented below are some of the features you can expect – but perhaps probably didn’t anticipate – from the third party fulfillment service company. These are all extra features and “hidden benefits” that don’t normally get the same attention as the benefits typically advertised.

An Expert Warehousing Staff – The typical fulfillment service company will hire only experienced, efficient staff for their warehouse, including personnel trained to ensure maximum storage security and climate control reliability. Warehousing fulfillment includes climate control, inventory acceptance and storage, and even cold storage for products that require it.

Customer Support Resources – Some fulfillment service companies include customer service support staff as part of their services. These are flexible, trained customer service representatives who will work on your ecommerce business’ behalf, fielding questions and concerns from customers following the conversion.

Order Processing – The lynchpin to all fulfillment service rests in the speed and accuracy with which orders for products are prepared for shipment. Your fulfillment service company should be able to demonstrably prove its efficiency in handling all its order processing and order fulfillment requirements.
Shipment Many fulfillment service companies offer dropshipping capability, which allows you to place your company address and logo on each package shipped from the fulfillment service center. This creates an appearance of package origination with your customers, removing the fulfillment service company into the role of “invisible partner.”

Mail Fulfillment – Some fulfillment service companies also handle mail fulfillment, which processes and ships your business’ promotional materials through the postal service. Client businesses can send their customers catalogues, brochures, and other promotional materials via the fulfillment service company.

Fulfillment service companies offer their services in exchange for a percentage of each product’s cost. This lets them grow their own business with yours while providing you with several services that don’t exact a heavy toll on your bottom line. There are many fulfillment service companies from which to choose, so it pays to research several before coming to your final selection decision.