What Products Can Benefit from Refrigerated Transport?

truck9.JPGRefrigerated transport can make it possible to sell products during the spring and summer that normally would only be able to be sold in the winter because they have to be maintained at a certain temperature.  Refrigerated transport can also make it possible to sell fragile, delicate, or edible products everywhere in the country instead of just in states where the climate doesn’t get so warm that it would melt the product or cause the product to spoil.  Using refrigerated transport is more expensive than standard shipping, but the extra cost is minimal and in most cases it’s totally worth it because of the benefits that come from being able to tap into new markets.  Just a few of the products that can benefit greatly from refrigerated transport are:

Gourmet food – Gourmet food can include everything from handmade treats to specialty ingredients that are hard to find, spice mixes and blends, gourmet fruit and snack baskets, and even specialty cooking oils.  Anything edible, especially items that are organic or contain no preservatives, should be shipped through refrigerated transport.  Even if the items don’t need to be kept at a set temperature keeping them chilled will keep them fresh and keep the colors bright so that when the items get to your customers they look beautiful and expensive. Even gourmet mixes should be shipped in a chilled environment to keep out any small critters or bugs that might invade the packaged mixes.

Plants and flowers – Seeds, plants and flowers should be sent using refrigerated transport.  Seeds can germinate if they are kept in a warm, dark environment and somehow get wet. Flowers and plants can easily die or wilt if they are exposed to higher temperatures, especially during the summer.  If the plants and flowers are going to be shipped a long distance they absolutely should be shipped in a chilled environment.  Your customers will be thrilled with their bright, colorful and healthy plants and flowers when they arrive, no matter where the customers might be.

Spa products, perfumes and toiletries – Handmade soaps, spa quality toiletry items, perfumes, lotions and other body care items should always be shipped in refrigerated transport. Some types of products will start to break down if they get overheated and may separate into their individual components, leaving a big ugly mess for your customers to find when they open their packages. no matter how well the items are packaged keeping them cold will ensure that they look inviting, expensive, and alluring when they arrive at a customer’s home.