What Kind Of Warehousing Do You Get With Fulfillment Service Companies?

When you outsource your logistics management and order fulfillment duties to a third party, independent company, you trust them with a big part of your business operations. Sure, it’s true that by assigning a fulfillment service company to your storage, processing, and shipment tasks you’re able to cut overhead and operating costs for your own company while at the same improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your business’ “back end.”

But what about the physical place itself? What can you expect by way of warehousing and storage facilities from your fulfillment service company? There are several features to look for, including tell-tale signs that the company is trustworthy and efficient. Think of the tips below as the amenities your inventory will enjoy should you do business with the independent company.

State of the Art Construction

When you think about a warehouse, perhaps you imagine a shabby brick building near the railroad tracks, half its windows busted out. Or perhaps you envision a flimsy looking corrugated steel shed at the end of an industrial park side street. Both images were accurate in the past, but no longer. The modern day fulfillment center is a combination warehouse and order processing nexus, incorporating all aspects of the mail order delivery operation under one roof. The inventory storage areas of the facility are expertly and precisely climate controlled, and tuned to the exact optimum conditions for the inventory they house and protect. These precautions minimize product loss due to accident or climate and help keep operating costs at a minimum.

Expert, Trained Staff Ready To Work

Unlike the indifferent warehouse hands typically associated with the “classic” warehouse facility, the modern fulfillment center staff is highly trained, specialized in their various fulfillment tasks, and willing to exert whatever effort becomes necessary to make sure that every package is prepared and shipped in the most efficient, quickest means possible.

How To Learn About Your Providers’ Facilities

Of course, the best way to familiarize yourself with your fulfillment service company’s warehouse and processing resources is to the visit the facility in person. If that’s not possible, check with the provider’s management to see if a virtual tour is available on home video format (DVD, et cetera), or if a virtual tour is given through the company’s website. Knowing how the fulfillment is conducted will help you come to the best possible decision.