What is a Third-Party Logistics Provider

What exactly is third party logistics? Although the process is unique for each business depending on the needs of that business third party logistics is the process of  implementing the flow and storage of goods, services and related information. A third party logistics provider sets the course of action or actions taken in order to meet customer satisfaction and its requirements from the point of origin to the point of delivery.  Moreover, third party logistics involves activities that focus on getting the goods that customers have  ordered  to the right place at the right time at the lowest possible cost.

Almost every crucial business activity is a component of logistics which is a component of virtually every type of organization regardless of size. Merchandising and transportation companies, consulting firms and others work along with a third-party logistics provider offering customized packaging for perishable and nonperishable products.

The marketplace for third-party logistics provider, commonly known as “3PL”, is perhaps the largest one in the world. Sind products or goods shipped in the United States and beyond require third-party logistics planning and management and the importance of these processes, most businesses choose to hire a third-party logistics provider. An expert provider manages the transportation, warehousing and distribution of shipments for companies nationwide. These companies offer services that allow businesses to outsource a small part or all of their supply chain management function. The growth of 3PL companies has been driven by the need for businesses to become leaner, reducing assets and allowing focus on core business processes.
The most commonly known logistic services provided by a 3PL company are:

* Warehousing
* Kitting
* Assembly
* Pick and Pack
* Distribution
* Order Fulfillment
* Private Label Fulfillment
* Print & Media Replication
* Freight consolidation
* Worldwide Shipping
* Reverse Logistics
* Returns

It is important to select a company that has the appropriate fit for your specific products and logistic needs as their expertise will save you time and money.  Choose one that is well versed in all shipping areas, utilizes various common carriers, and has many years of experience. Talking to the 3PL provider about your individual needs is the best way to get an idea of what services the company can provide for you.By using a third-party shipping logistics partner, you can be confident that your products will be shipped on time and accurately. The right shipping logistic experts will be able to help with all facets of your shipping needs, whether your business is direct to consumer or business-to-business.