What Happens To Outsourced Order Fulfillment During The Holidays?

The busy winter holiday shopping season can make or break a company.  If sales are good during the winter holidays even companies that had a poor year can end up in the black when the final tallies for the year are in.  Sales around the end of the year have grown to the point that the total amount of goods and products sold can represent a solid, important percentage of a business’ total yearly sales. For online businesses the first Monday after Thanksgiving, called Cyber Monday, is to online businesses what the day after Thanksgiving is to brick and mortar businesses in terms of high sales.  Many small and startup, home based ecommerce businesses find themselves almost in a panic as the year draws to a close, hoping the holiday season will shore up low sales figures that have dogged the unfortunate business all year long.

Outsourced Fulfillment Makes Holiday Orders A Breeze

Using a fulfillment company makes it easy to handle the increased orders that come in during the holiday rush.  Instead of having to spend time worrying about whether or not you have enough products in stock or whether or not the products can be shipped in order to arrive for the holidays you can focus on making your customers happy, expanding your product line, and watching the sales roll in knowing that the company you hired is taking orders, packing and shipping products, and helping answer customer questions about package tracking. Small businesses can sink under the weight of holiday orders, especially if they have not experienced a holiday rush before, so having a fulfillment company backing you up can ensure that you reap all the rewards that come with increased holiday sales.

Fulfillment During The Holidays

Though each fulfillment service company devises its own policy for dealing with the holiday season and its upswing in demand for logistics management, it’s nevertheless safe to say that most fulfillment service companies work months in advance to prepare for the surge in order fulfillment expected of them. Because the holidays are the biggest time of the year for them, as well, and client business dissatisfaction with their order fulfillment efficiency costs them money in the long run, too. The best way to make sure your inventory is receiving priority consideration from your fulfillment service company is to keep an open channel of communication between yourself and your fulfillment service company manager. Ask questions, ask to see statistical data and updated inventory fulfillment information, and don’t be afraid to register your concerns.