What Can Third Party Fulfillment Mean For Your Business?

As you’re reading this article, it’s very likely you’ve come to this website interested in third party mail order and order fulfillment. Perhaps you’re an ecommerce business owner, or the proprietor of a small, home-based business. Third party fulfillment of customer and consumer orders remains one of the fastest growing areas of the ecommerce marketplace, as it offers both convenience and unlimited growth capabilities for its client ecommerce businesses.

But having said all that, what can third party order fulfillment really do for you? The answer isn’t simple, but like its subject matter it’s potentially very powerful for your logistics management needs and goals.

The Warehousing Advantages of Third Party Fulfillment

The best fulfillment service companies are able to receive your inventory directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler, removing the need for delivery and logistics management from your business schedule. Once delivered to their facilities, the fulfillment service company’s staff of trained inventory management experts oversees the storage and maintenance of the inventory within climate controlled warehousing space. This group of services, collectively called warehousing fulfillment, provides both time and resource savings to you, the client ecommerce business.

Order Processing, Packaging, and Shipment

Fulfillment service companies regularly download shipment and purchase information invoices from the client ecommerce business, then prepare and ship the sold products on their behalf. As part of this conversion process, the shipped packages originating from the fulfillment service companies bear the business address information and masthead of the ecommerce client business, effectively making the fulfillment service company a silent partner in the conversion process.

Fulfillment service companies also provide tracking information to both the customer and the ecommerce business client, offering independent proof of their efficiency and a reliable aid to the customer. This transparency helps encourage repeat conversion, as well as enhances the client ecommerce business’ general, “real-world” reputation.

Other Fulfillment Service Company Features

Client business can also available themselves of fulfillment service companies’ powerful mail order fulfillment capabilities. These service include mailing preparation, postage, and shipment of printed materials used in a client ecommerce company’s marketing campaign.

Some fulfillment service companies also offer trained and experienced customer service staff, who can field and resolve questions and complaints given by the client business’ customers. These staffs work from policies and details provided by the client ecommerce business, making sure their best interests – including profit margins – are consistently and reliably represented.