Transport Logistics: How Important Is It?

Semi trucks lined up

Image by neutralSurface via Flickr

For a business to be successful it is essential for it to have customers first and foremost, but it doesn’t end there. In addition to customers, a company must have reliable transport logistics in place, whether it is in house or through third party outsourcing. After all, transport logistics is one of the most important roles within fulfillment services. You can sell anything you want to sell, but if you can’t get it to the customers, it is a worthless transaction.

The key to a successful business is the ability to make certain customers receive their orders in a timely fashion, and doing this means having efficient transport logistics in place from the very start. While supply chain management is essential, it is vital for a company to have efficient transport logistics. Think of it in terms of the production line: you can make all of the products you want, have a top notch order fulfillment area within your company, but if you are unable to get those products to your customers when they need them, you have failed. Your business can only achieve and maintain success when all areas of logistics management work together in harmony.

How can you assure you have the most efficient transport logistics? If you have an in house logistics area, it is easier to oversee than if you outsource those functions. However, at the same time outsourcing transport logistics functions allows you the flexibility to choose an outsourcing company that is dependable and will allow you to write the contract to your specific needs. Always remember you are the customer, and you are paying the transport logistics outsourcing company to provide services for your company. As such you have the right to decide how and when you wish them to perform those services.

Before you even open your company for business you should make a decision about using a fulfillment center.  You may find it less cumbersome to begin by using outsourcing services, and once your company becomes more successful and has more customers, you can reevaluate the services you receive from the third party and determine if it is financially feasible to continue with a supply chain management vendor or whether you want to hire people to handle those functions within your company. While there may be more loyalty if you have your own staff of transport logistics employees, there is more involved with order fulfillment than loyalty.