Tips on Using Order Fulfillment To Build Growth Infrastructure

If your business isn’t growing as fast as you want it to you switching to order fulfillment is the best way to build the infrastructure you need to foster growth.  Many small businesses start out strong but start to lose momentum after they reach a sales tipping point where the sales that are coming in become too much for the small business infrastructure to handle. If a small business doesn’t plan ahead for growth and start building a stronger infrastructure from the start it may never be able to catch up once the sales start coming in.

Order fulfillment companies offer small businesses the infrastructure they need, along with the resources to manage that infrastructure, at a very reasonable price. That’s why many medium and large business owners recommend using order fulfillment centers to fill orders. Once you have reached the point where you don’t have enough storage to keep product levels consistent, and don’t have enough customer service staff to process all the orders and address customer concerns your business is at a turning point. You can either create the infrastructure to take the business to the next level or you can let the business flame out under the weight of the orders that are coming in.

Hiring a fulfillment services company will give you the additional storage space you need to keep your stock levels consistent or add new products to fill out the product line.  Fulfillment companies also can handle the packing and shipping of the orders, which can be a very time consuming for small business owners and can lead to shipping mistakes which can damage the company’s credibility with customers. Customers expect their products to be shipping within 24-48 hours of their order and will start to lose trust in a company that doesn’t ship items promptly.  When you have a full team of order fulfillment specialists taking care of your orders you don’t have to worry that your customers will be kept waiting for their products.

Even if you are able to handle the volume of sales that are coming in now, is your business ready for the next phase of growth? Can it handle the increased sales and increased pressure that come from successful marketing? If you want your business to really take off talk to a fulfillment center today to find out more about how their existing infrastructure can support your business growth.