Tips for Creating an Effective Direct Mail Marketing Campaign with a Mail Fulfillment Company

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Using a mail fulfillment company to send out a direct mail campaign is the most cost effective way to reach your customers.  Using a fulfillment company to assemble, package and ship your direct mail pieces will save you time and money, the two things that every business owner needs more of.

A direct mail campaign can be a powerful advertising tool for your business but only if it’s done well. Working with a mail fulfillment company to make sure that your direct mail items are stored properly to prevent damage or fading, coded properly to ensure efficient tracking, and sent out promptly to the specific list of people that you provide is one important component of creating an effective direct mail campaign but there are other considerations that go into creating a powerful direct mailing as well.

 Use these tips to create direct mail items that will really stand out, and then partner with a mail fulfillment center to make sure your direct mail pieces get where you need them to go:

Don’t hold back – direct mailings are not the place for the soft sell.  You have a limited amount of space and a limited amount of time when the customer will be paying attention to the item. Make sure that everything on the piece is designed to inspire action in the customer.  Graphics, colors, and other publication tools should all be designed to get the customer to act on the offer being presented.

Create an offer code- The only way to accurately capture the return rate for the campaign is to use a coding system. You don’t have to devise a difficult code in order for it to be effective. A simple code of the date of the campaign and a number or letter corresponding to the offer presented will work just fine. If you are offering a code that is redeemable online it’s a good idea to make the offer code the same as the printed code on the marketing materials so that you can track the response rate that way. You can also print up generic marketing materials and have the mail fulfillment company apply printed stickers with individual offers on them to save money when it comes to printing costs.

Don’t get too caught up in the writing – According to marketing experts 40% of the response that comes from direct mail marketing will come from the actual offer being presented and only 20% comes from the verbiage on the piece. Focus on getting the direct mail materials to the customers using a mail fulfillment company and don’t worry too much about the way the materials are written.