Sign Up With An Order Fulfillment Service and Watch Your Ecommerce Business Thrive

In the world of ecommerce and mail order fulfillment, nothing is more important, or more advantageous, than an efficient and versatile logistics management system. Crucial considerations including warehousing, order processing, postage and packaging, and order tracking all combine to help your business succeed.

But what happens when you’re no longer able to keep up with your customers’ demands? What if you find your own warehousing and storage capabilities no long measure up with the size of your business? For most ecommerce and home based business owners, this tipping point can make or break their future success. For some, falling behind is a challenge that’s overcome and avoided in the future. Meanwhile, other businesses lose their footing and fall further behind. Sadly, some never manage to regain their pace or previous market position.

Make the Switch Now, Save Yourself Trouble Later

By outsourcing your order fulfillment to a specialized, inventory fulfillment management service, you give your business the freedom it needs to develop with the encumbrance of logistics and warehousing needs that can weigh down so many promising start up, ecommerce, and home-based businesses. Order fulfillment services are literally a liberating presence in the life of the small and home based business, offering a range of services that allow the small business or ecommerce business owner the time and energy to grow their business in more rewarding directions.

The Fulfillment Service Process

Fulfillment service companies receive your business’ inventory directly from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to worry about accepting shipments or securing new inventory a place within your own storage facilities. They treat your inventory with the utmost concern for its safety and security, storing it in climate controlled, expertly managed warehousing space.

Fulfillment companies then steward your inventory through all steps of the order fulfillment process, from packaging and preparing for shipment to arranging for pick up and assignment of tracking numbers. Packages are “drop shipped,” meaning the packaging bear your company’s logo and address information. Some fulfillment companies even offer customer service staff, trained to resolve customer disputes and to answer customer questions.

Typically, fulfillment service companies charge a percentage of even product unit sold in exchange for the many different services. The exact percentage is determined prior to the start of the client business partnership, and can sometimes be renegotiated over time or as one or more partners sees fit.