Shipping Specialty Products Using Refrigerated Transport

truck10.JPGGourmet and specialty products can be very lucrative, especially for small businesses that tap into a luxury niche market. If you have been wanting to expand your business to sell specialty products like gourmet foods, flowers, plants, or spa quality toiletries and gift baskets using refrigerated transport is your ticket into the specialty market.  Many luxury products need to be refrigerated in order to be shipped safely, and refrigerated shipping can also keep products fresh even if they don’t necessarily need to be refrigerated.  Higher end products deserve to be treated well so that the customers who are willing to pay premium prices get the kind of high quality products they want to buy.  Refrigerated transport does cost a bit more than regular shipping, but the high markup on specialty products means that companies actually come out ahead selling luxury products even if they have to charge higher prices for shipping.

In today’s economy smart business owners are looking at selling products in a wide range of price points in order to expand their potential customer base.  It just makes sense to offer products at both the low and high end of the price spectrum, although businesses need to spend more money on luxury products in order to attract customers comfortable paying those premium prices.  Working with a fulfillment company is a great way for businesses to offer consumers the chance to buy products at different price points since  fulfillment companies have the infrastructure in place to handle the storage, processing, and shipping of a wide range of products.  Fulfillment companies also have very good relationships with different shipping companies so that whether your products need refrigerated transport, extra fast shipping, or standard shipping you will pay the lowest price possible. The lower your shipping costs and processing costs are the more profit you will make, especially on luxury goods.

The economy has made more consumers stop spending money on items they don’t need, but they are spending more money on upgrading some of the items they need and buying gourmet versions of everyday items in order to treat themselves.  So you could sell gourmet fruit baskets at a premium price and get more customers than you would selling plain fruit baskets, especially if you offer refrigerated transport for the gourmet baskets.  You can sell high end soaps for wedding showers, parties, and other events and ship them anywhere in the country using refrigerated transport and still make a nice profit off the sales.