Sell More Products with Refrigerated Transport

truck3.jpgAre you ready to expand your product line to more lucrative luxury products? Lots of businesses don’t venture into selling luxury goods because often they need refrigerated transport in order to arrive at customers homes in great condition, but the cost of using refrigerated transport is more than offset by the higher price that you can charge for premium goods. If you have thought about selling gourmet foods, luxury gift baskets, flowers and plants, or other high end products now is the perfect time to get started.  You can sell dozens of exciting luxury good that have a high markup and high demand among consumers.

The economy is recovering and more and more consumers are looking for luxury products at great prices.  Instead of being stuck selling products only to local customers, which can seriously limit your sales potential,  you can sell them all over the country with refrigerated transport.  There are lots of ways to reduce the cost of refrigerated shipping, like partnering with a fulfillment company which can process and ship all your orders whether they need to refrigerated or not. You can also get both refrigerated and non refrigerated storage facilities at a fulfillment warehouse so that you can save money by storing all your products in the same place.  When you work with a fulfillment company it costs only a few dollars more item to sell items that require temperature controlled storage and shipping which is very affordable for almost any business. Customers usually expect to pay more for luxury items that require special refrigerated transport, and the higher markup on luxury goods will more than make up for the higher cost that you have to pay.

If you usually sell only seasonal products during the winter to avoid having to use refrigerated transport think about the sales potential that comes with selling luxury items during the summer months.  Spa quality toiletries, gourmet food and gift baskets, and plants are just a few of the products that you could be selling this summer. You can also sell your products all over the country instead of just locally which means that you will be reaching hundreds of thousands of potential new customers.  Once you start offering your products for sale across the country you can also start accepting online sales, which can streamline your day to day business operations and save you money on the cost of running your business.