See The Business Landscape Through Logistics Management

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Image by mescon via Flickr

Applying effective logistics management to your business is like standing on a high hill to assess the development of a community.  You need to take in the entire landscape to truly imagine how that community will take hold.

Will there be access for goods and materials? Will people want to live here? How can it all come together? That’s the same guiding principle that stands behind working with logistics management. It’s being able to see the complete landscape of your company or business and knowing how to achieve your goals.

Every great success begins with that one idea. That idea starts in the imagination and is then brought down to paper. Plans are drawn up and here is where logistics management first takes hold. How can you get what’s on paper into the marketplace? It doesn’t matter what the product is, it still has to be made.

 For each specific item whether it’s shoes, a light bulb, a car or even a computer game there are certainly definitive elements that need to be pulled together to make just one of the items let alone thousands and millions. Where are these raw materials going to come from? How will they be transported? Where will they be warehoused, in your own facility or in a fulfillment center? Who will pay for them? Where will they be assembled? Every answer to those questions requires a certain level of logistics management to be applied to the solution.

Once a product is made it then needs to be marketed and fulfilled. These two aspects of a business go hand in hand. Logistics management means that when you launch an ad campaign and entice the public’s interest, you had better have product easily assessable for purchase or you’re going to lose business. Imagine if Apple did all that work marketing the new IPad but didn’t bother having any on stock for people to buy. Talk about a huge PR nightmare.

Proper logistics management insures that a product arrives at its final destination: the customer’s hands. Before that happens there will be many levels of production, marketing and management that all need to work together as one practical interconnected unit. Using fulfillment services is one way to make sure that the product is accounted for from order to delivery with accountability at every step in the process.  At the end of the day, the ultimate goal will be an increase in a company’s profits. When a company fails, it’s usually because somewhere along the line, proper logistics management didn’t take in the complete landscape portrait. Of course, a working logistics management program doesn’t mean you have to be the smartest one in the room; just smart enough to hire the right people.