Outsource Your Storage Needs To Give You Flexibility, Room To Grow

If your business finds itself short of storage space, outsourcing some of your storage requirements to a third party logistics fulfillment company might be the solution to your problems. By storing your goods in one of the company’s secure, climate controlled locations, you give yourself room to add additional inventory space without needing to build sufficient warehouse space or enter into leasing agreements with rental management companies. Many of these storage space providers are also order fulfillment specialists, and can assist your business in working to meet its order processing and delivery goals in a timely and efficient manner. By keeping your business running smoothly, these fulfillment service companies can help you grow your business without having to personally manage every detail of the back end processes.

Outsourcing To The Best Facilities Possible

Perhaps many of your products need year round climate stability. Finding the equipment to maintain steady climate control can prove to be an expensive proposition. But by outsourcing your fulfillment needs to a third party company, you spare yourself that expense. In fact, making the transition towards your outsourced logistics company is as easy as resetting delivery schedules from your wholesaler or distributor.
The great advantage of fulfillment companies is that they allow even small and home-based business the freedom and resources to sell fragile and delicate items immediately, without a heavy investment in equipment and staffing.

Order Fulfillment and Small Business

The order fulfillment house keeps your inventory in its facilities, connecting its inventory and order processing systems connected to your business’ inventory and order request records. As orders are placed with your business, the fulfillment house accepts the orders directly from your shopping cart software and gets to work processing and preparing the order for shipment at once. Some companies even offer order tracking information, so both you and the customer can keep watch over the order as it makes its way towards its final destination. Obviously, this helps encourage repeat business from your customers while it also helps you establish a reputation for reliability and security.

The Expertise You Receive

Fulfillment houses are managed and staffed by inventory control and order processing experts. Many have had years of experience in creating and practicing systems and procedures that make the fulfillment process as trouble-free and cost-effective as possible. When outsourcing, you put these experts’ specialization and expertise to work for your business.