Mail Fulfillment Companies Can Help You Create an Effective Coupon Promotion


Image by .Uvitra. via Flickr

Getting coupons to your customers has never been easier than it is using mail fulfillment services. According to industry experts more than $300 billion worth of coupons were offered to customers in 2005 and that number has risen as the economy as struggled. Retailers rely on coupons to drive sales because they work. Coupons are listed by industry analysts as one of the top performing marketing tools in nearly every industry.

Mail fulfillment companies help companies distribute coupons to customers by shipping out direct mail coupons, mailing out catalogs with special coupon codes, and preparing promotional packages that can be sent to customers that contain coupons and other special offers.

Using a mail fulfillment service is the best way to get coupons sent out to customers because the experts at a mail fulfillment house can send catalogs and coupons out quickly and cheaply, and then they can follow up with customers to find out how well the coupon campaign worked. Orders that come into the fulfillment house for the products that you’re selling provide a great way to measure how effective a coupon campaign has been.

Even though coupons are one of the best ways to advertise your products the development of a coupon campaign should never take up valuable time from the work that you’re doing on a day to day basis trying to run and market your company.  Delegating the storage of direct mail marketing materials and the shipment of those materials to customers gives business owners a fast and reliable way to get those materials to customers without having to waste their own time doing it or pay employees a salary with benefits to do it. For one low flat per piece fee a mail fulfillment house will send out any type of promotional product that you want to use.

When it comes to creating a great coupon campaign don’t forget to create a tracking or coding system for the coupons. In order to know whether or not customers are coming to your business because of the materials that you sent out it’s essential that the coupons be coded so you can see where they originated from. Detailed demographics from coupon coding can tell you what areas of the country and what types of people are most likely to be interested in your product. That demographic information can be captured by the mail fulfillment house and used by your marketing team to create a well targeted and cost effective marketing strategy.