Lower Your Operating Costs With Outsourced Fulfillment

When the time comes to give your business the boost it needs in efficient, expert order fulfillment and logistics management, where will you look? Despite their great reputation for affordability and impeccable customer satisfaction, many small business and home based business owners remain unaware of third party logistics management companies that specialize in top-flight order fulfillment for just exactly such smaller business concerns. These companies specialize in order fulfillment for several small businesses at a time, providing all the amenities and features that larger corporations enjoy in their own logistics management infrastructures at a fraction of the cost to their client businesses. Independent, third party fulfillment companies offer an exciting boost to home-based businesses and small businesses because they allow the small business owner the chance to leap frog over the growing pains commonly associated with back end business growth.

Warehousing and Storage

The logistics management provider allows the client business company to ship their product inventory directly from the manufacturer or the wholesaler to their own secure storage facilities. The client business owner need never worry about deliveries or adequate storage space again. Once arrived, the inventory is stored in the service provider’s climate controlled warehouse and processing center until needed for further order fulfillment. By assuming control of warehousing and storage, the service company frees the client business from worrying about staffing, utility and other physical costs associated with the warehouse facility, and details such as property and payroll taxes on top of solving their logistical problems for them.

Order Processing And Preparation

The service provider employs a highly-trained, expert staff of order fulfillment specialists who work diligently to provide the fastest, safest means possible of completing every one of their client businesses’ orders. By providing better staff that’s better trained and managed, the service provider is able to complete order with greater efficiency and speed than any of its clients businesses could manage alone.

Shipment and Delivery

Once the product is packaged it’s sent to one of the client designated shipping providers for transport to the final destination. Most fulfillment service companies also deal with all major shipping providers, constantly searching for the lowest cost alternative in order to offer the client business the lowest possible postage or shipping costs. This in turn maximizes profitability while expanding customer and client business choice. The end result is a seamless, perfect transaction for everyone involved.