Is Private Label Fulfillment Right for My Company?

Private label products and services are typically those manufactured and provided by one company for offering and selling under another company. The products are made, branded, fulfilled and sometimes marketed under one brand name by a manufacturer.

Private label fulfillment benefits include:

* Warehousing
* Immediate branded, web-based services
* High quality assurance of order entry
* Inbound outbound mail processing capability
* Telephone monitoring for quality control
* Call reporting available on demand
* Managed billing and price savings
* Brand consistency and uniformity
* Complete print and shipping fulfillment
* Personalization and customization options

If you have a small e-commerce business selling any type of products, handling your own product fulfillment in-house can be a good strategy if you have the storage space and manpower to do so. This of course can keep your costs low and preserve your start up capital. You will want to keep track of exactly how much time you spend producing, storing and shipping the products. While you will be saving money on production costs, be aware that these tasks are very time intensive.

Therefore, as soon as your marketing efforts pay off and your cash flow increases, make the decision to outsource all these private label services to a reputable fulfillment house so that your time can be better spent bringing in new leads, managing the overall operation creating new money generating ideas. You will want to be able to seamlessly transition product manufacturing and fulfillment to a reliable third party without your customers ever noticing the difference. Be sure you plan ahead for the future and success of your business so that you can easily outsource your private label and fulfillment services when sales volume increases substantially.

Get quotes from several reputable fulfillment houses that provide private label fulfillment for national catalog and Internet companies such as yours.  Be sure to get at least three quotes well before you need them and understand exactly what you must do to have a fulfillment center produce and fulfill your product. These steps will ensure you are getting the best price. Consider their range of services and make sure they include from order processing to customized packaging. In addition, that they have the infrastructure to effectively handle warehousing and every other aspect of your business professionally, confidentially and efficiently.

Once you find the right private label fulfillment company, you and your customers will be happy and you will continue to sell your products successfully!