Increase Your Holiday Sales with Gift Fulfillment Services

Increase Your Holiday Sales with Gift Fulfillment Services

The holidays are coming, is your store ready? If you’re not already signed up for fulfillment services your store may not be ready to take advantage of big holiday sales. 

Almost 80% of retailers notice a significant increase in sales around the holidays. If your store isn’t ready to keep up with the increased demand for products you could lose out on a large chunk of holiday revenue.  A fulfillment company can make sure that your store is stocked and ready to receive online and phone orders.

Bigger stores know that the key to holiday success is hiring a gift fulfillment center.  Fulfillment services like taking orders, shipping products, and answering customer inquiries can make the difference between getting average sales during the holidays and getting a huge volume of sales during the holidays. Small business owners usually end up not getting all the sales they can during the holiday season because they don’t have items in stock, or because items aren’t able to be shipped quickly enough to satisfy customers who need products before particular dates. 

When you sign up with a fulfillment company you can have orders of supplies or products sent directly to the fulfillment company’s warehouse, where the items will be packed and shipped as orders come in. You can start stocking up for the holiday season months in advance so that you can build an inventory without dipping too deeply into your operating budget to do it. When orders for the products come in customer service reps from the fulfillment company will process the orders, pack and ship them for you. Delivery information is emailed directly to the customer  so that the customers can track their purchases online. On the off chance that there is a problem with an item the customer service reps at the fulfillment company will handle the problem for you.

Using a fulfillment company means that you can expand your product base and order new and fun holiday items. Order more of your best sellers and add in some new, unique holiday themed items.  The more items you have in stock during the holiday season the more you will sell. Instead of trying to hire extra employees for the holidays to handle the rush of orders just sign up with a fulfillment center and let them handle all the details of packing and shipping orders along with customer service so that you can focus on running your business.