How to Research a Transport Company


Image by vovchychko via Flickr

Some companies choose to hire a transport company only for the purpose of delivery products to their customers. This is only a small part of 3rd party logistics even though it is a very important part.

However, the key is finding the right transport company, and sometimes that means choosing the entire 3rd party logistics package including warehousing the goods for your customers until they are ready for shipment. You want to make a decision that will most effectively meet the needs of your customers, and if you can’t do that with a transport company alone, you will need to research 3rd party logistics companies and choose the one that can meet your needs and those of your customers efficiently and effectively.

How do you find a 3rd party logistics company that will also effectively meet your company’s needs for a transport company? One of the most effective ways to do that is to obtain references from other companies that have used the same transport company. Getting references from another company can help you make the right decision for your company and prevent the potential for unhappy customers. In most cases the company with which you are considering entering into a contract will be more than happy to provide names of some of its customers; unwillingness to do so should be viewed as a red flag.

Another thing you may wish to do is speak with the hiring managers of the company. You want to make sure they have drivers that are well-trained. You also want to choose a company whose drivers can pass a background check and drug test. Since most government contracts require drug testing even of 3rd party vendors, it’s essential for you to choose a transport company that already engages in this practice. You do not want to have to conduct these investigations yourself whenever the need arises and thus waste valuable time.

Making certain you choose a transport company that has the best interests of your customers in mind is the best way to assure satisfaction for your company and your customers. Never choose a transport company based solely on price or on the word of someone within that company. While there is nothing wrong with listening to what other employees of a transport company have to say about their company, you need to proceed farther than that with your research before you make a final decision.