How to Choose a Refrigerated Transport Company

truck8.JPGThere are a lot of refrigerated transport companies out there, and choosing the right one can be important to your bottom line.  It’s important to choose a company that will be easy to work with and will also be able to meet the needs of your company at an affordable price.  You can work with a fulfillment partner who may be able to suggest one or even several different companies that offer refrigerated transport for you to choose or you can choose a company on your own.  Regardless of how you find the company that will handle your temperature sensitive products when  you’re considering a company there are some criteria that you should use to help you choose one like:

Size – The size of the company that you choose is important. A smaller company may be able to offer more personalized service but when it comes to refrigerated transport the main concern you should have is whether or not the company has the infrastructure needed to get your refrigerated products into markets around the country.  Ask how many hubs the company maintains and where they are located to make sure that the company can get your products where they need to be.  Service is important, but so is the ability to move your products all over the country.

Price- Obviously you want to find a company that will give you a good price, but you may need to pay more to get refrigerated transport.  Negotiate for a good deal but don’t pass on a company just because their quote may seem higher than you think it should. Customers often are willing to pay more for items that they know have to be shipped by refrigerated truck, so test out the product price and shipping price to see what customers are willing to pay before you reject a refrigerated transport company just based on price.

Capacity – There is a very good chance that once you start selling your product throughout the country your sales will double, triple or more in a very short period of time. Therefore it’s important to find a refrigerated transport company that has the capacity to handle a large volume of shipping.  Be sure to ask a representative from each company that you’re considering if they would be able to handle a large volume of products to be shipped and what the delivery time would be for sales if your sales were to increase quickly.