How Fulfillment Services Give Internet Companies an Advantage

When it comes to competing with big businesses  Internet businesses usually get slammed on pricing because they can’t offer the hugely discounted prices that large companies who buy in bulk can offer and still make money.  Internet businesses can also be hampered by the fact that they can’t keep a lot of different products in stock which can lead to decreased sales. But switching to fulfillment services can even out the playing field and make Internet businesses a lot more competitive. In fact, hiring a fulfillment center can give Internet based businesses a distinct advantage over their larger competitors.

Hiring a fulfillment service gives Internet businesses the chance to drop their prices by buying products in bulk like their larger competitors. With flexible storage space at a fulfillment warehouse Internet businesses can order larger quantities of their top selling items and expand their product line with products they know their customers will love. Fulfillment services also give Internet businesses the kind of dedicated, well trained customer service staff who can put customers at ease and help them place orders and fix problems that they need but can’t afford to hire on their own. The efficient packing and shipping experts at a fulfillment center can also get products out to customers more reliably than most Internet based business owners can on their own.

But the biggest advantage that order fulfillment gives an Internet based business is getting all of those things for one flat per product rate.  Bigger businesses who are paying to maintain a huge warehouse and paying customer service reps and also paying for their training and absorbing the costs of employee turnover have to make up those costs in the cost of their price. Because Internet businesses that use fulfillment services are more flexible and pay only percentage of each product sold they can charge less for their products and offer better customers service and more reliable shipping. All of those things combined will make customers want to buy from the Internet business instead of the larger business, which will lead to rapid growth.  

Talk to a fulfillment center rep today about how fulfillment services can increase your customer satisfaction and lower your operational costs.  Don’t let bigger businesses intimidate you. With a fulfillment center working with you to provide great service to your customers you can be more successful than you may have thought possible.