How a Fulfillment Services Company Can Help You Grow

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Fulfillment Services Help Small Businesses Grow

Fulfillment services are the idea partners for businesses.  Retailers can grow much faster than you might expect, but only if they have the right infrastructure in place to support that growth. 

For example, many small online retailers start out by selling items out of their homes in order to cut down on their operating expenses and may not have the space or the infrastructure they need to expand.  Selling out of your home is fine in the beginning; but if you want to make money by selling online you need to think big and plan ahead.  Using a fulfillment company can your help business grow by:

Providing storage space – For small businesses every dollar counts. When you find a great deal on products you need to have the space to buy in bulk and stock up at the lowest price you can find.  Many small retailers outgrow their home storage very quickly but don’t have the budget to pay for a private warehouse or storage space. A fulfillment company can provide you with the storage space you need, whether it’s a small amount of space or an entire warehouse.

Packing and shipping – One of the most valuable ways that a fulfillment company can help a small business is by providing staff that will pack and ship orders to customers.  Small retailers don’t have the time to sort through items, hand pack and then ship dozens or hundreds or even thousands of items per day.  When small retailers try to take on too much they may make mistakes and mess up orders which will make customers unhappy which will hurt the bottom line.  Fulfillment services can stop that from happening by packing and shipping orders for you.

Customer service –  Customers who buy from small businesses usually do so because small businesses are known for having more personal customer service.  Customers who value service want well trained, pleasant, helpful customer service reps that will help them place an order, or help them with a merchandise return.  But the cost of hiring and maintaining a fleet of well trained customer service reps can sink a small business, and the small business owner can’t provide support for all the customers.  Fulfillment companies have online and phone customer service reps who are well trained and know how to give customers the kind of service that they are looking for. They make your customers happy and they make your business look good which leads to repeat sales.