Gift Management Helps You Find the Perfect Client Gift Every Time

Packing Boxes

Image by mdid via Flickr

Finding the perfect client gift can be a tricky business.  Finding individual gifts for every client might be possible for a very small business, but most businesses need to be able to find and send corporate gifts that will appeal to a wide range of clients and customers.  A gift management service can help you pick out the perfect client gifts and then will pack and ship them using well respected shipping companies to make sure that your corporate gifts arrive on time and in perfect condition.

Gift management is the ideal service for a busy professional or consultant who is trying to grow a business without a lot of staff.  A gift services advisor can help you find the perfect gift to impress clients and customers without going over your gift budget. Then you can schedule the delivery of the gifts whenever you  want. During the busy holiday season it can be a help to a busy professional to be able to do all of the holiday shopping for corporate gifts in one afternoon and have all of the gifts sent by a reliable fulfillment center on the same day to clients all over the country or even all over the world. International shipping, shipping perishable items like fruit baskets or sending products of odd sizes can all be handled by a fulfillment company without any hassles. 

The fulfillment company can even use your own custom stickers, ribbons or packaging that has your company name, company colors or logo on it to wrap and ship your corporate gifts, ensuring that your gifts will have a polished and professional look that will impress your clients and make your company stand out among all the other companies that are sending gifts at that time of the year.  You get all the benefits of a full warehouse staff of your own without the cost of the warehouse or the hassle of hiring and supervising employees.

For most small businesses the cost of using a gift management service is actually less than the cost of paying an employee to find, buy, and ship corporate gifts. If you compare the price quotes from gift management services to the cost of shipping the items yourself you’ll see that the volume discounts that the fulfillment centers get from shipping companies and packaging suppliers more than makes up for the cost of the fee that you would pay for the service.  And you can’t put a price on giving off a professional image to your customers and clients.