Get Literature out Cheaply and Efficiently with Fulfillment Services

If you run a print business you’ve probably taken a lot of financial hits in the past few years. The print industry has been hit hard by the now widespread use of the Internet. Increased shipping costs, declining ad sales, increased production costs and other expenses have created a real crisis for many print based businesses. But switching to fulfillment services can ease that burden and get your business back on track.  Fulfillment services specialize in getting products out to consumers, and informational products like catalogs, magazines, newsletters, and direct mail marketing materials are all products that can be easily handled by a fulfillment service.  Because the fulfillment center sends out huge amounts of mail and packages you may even qualify for a discounted shipping rate on top of the usual bulk mail rate discount.

Right now you’re probably paying a lot of staff members to get your mailings ready to go out every month, every week, or whenever your normal rotation schedule is. Switching to a fulfillment center to mail out your products means paying only a low per piece fee to have your printed materials stored, collated, addressed and shipped.  Instead of paying employees to put their usual work aside and work on getting publications ready to send out you can pay a flat rate and have the fulfillment center’s documentation experts ship your materials out. Your employees can focus on creating the material that needs to go out while the fulfillment center staff ships it.

Magazines, catalogs, and other literature that need to be sent out on a regular basis are much more cost effective when they are sent out by a fulfillment service. You can even start running your publication from a home office with just a few employees to help with graphics and layout when the finished product is stored and sent from a fulfillment warehouse.  The fulfillment center can also field phone calls from consumers after the material has gone out.  If you’re shipping out quarterly catalogs the fulfillment center staff can process orders and ship products as well as shipping catalogs. Most of your daily operational activities can be outsourced to a fulfillment service for a very low cost.

Talk to a fulfillment services rep today about how your business can benefit from using fulfillment services for your informational products as well as your other products.  Take the burden off your staff and save money by switching to outsourced literature fulfillment before your next publication comes out.