Fulfillment Solutions

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Choosing a fulfillment partner allows businesses to focus on their product development and marketing while their fulfillment solutions such as warehousing, customer care and fulfillment are being taking care of.  The range of fulfillment services available is impressive. Some of the logistics solutions provided by a fulfillment center include:

Order Processing

There are many forms of order processing fulfillment solutions including call center, mail, catalog and online. The fulfillment provider handles orders directly from their warehousing and storage center, promptly processing them once received. Their professional, qualified team is trained to manage customer requests quickly and efficiently.

Warehousing and Distribution

Outsourcing warehousing, distribution and order processing allows you to focus on growing your company. These solutions include modern warehousing and distribution services that feature energy efficient space, climate control and the latest technologies to handle the goods timely and efficiently. You can have total control over tracking, reporting and inventory levels for your merchandise and collateral right from your office.

Cross Docking

Cross-docking aims to decrease costs and improve customer service through the continuous flow of items from origin to destination. The service mobilizes inventory by making sure that arriving loads are quickly turned around as outbound ones are, as a result customer service is improved significantly. This fulfillment solution can improve turnaround speed and streamline your business.

Kitting Services

Kitting services prepare products for shipment by accurately packaging and preparing them for shipment.  In an assembly line, each individual adds components to the package in a specific order. At the end of the assembly line a thorough quality review is conducted. Kitting allows the warehouse to build an order for shipping then distribute or store it. Getting the distribution center to kit your products not only prepares the items for distribution, but may also save your company money.

Pick and Pack

Accuracy and speed are main factors of the pick and pack operation. Pickers use hand-held scanners to verify the accuracy of every order. Later re-scanning and validate each order, using touch screens to record your data. This results in nearly 100% accuracy rate.

Web Based Account/Inventory Management

Web-based account and inventory management systems allow easy access to real-time inventory levels. Reports can be generated easily and automatically provided as needed. The system tracks all receipts, adjustments and shipments for accurate reporting. Low inventory notifications are automatically sent for timely re-order. All receipts are processed and verified promptly to allow quick turn-around of orders.