Fulfillment: Easy Or Impossible? It’s Your Choice

Maybe you’ve already heard about the hazards and pitfalls of order fulfillment and logistics management. If you spend any time in business associations, online forums and message boards you’ve probably heard horror stories about businesses who can’t keep up with their orders or have infrastructure breakdowns during the processing and shipping of their orders.  Successful order fulfillment is a crucial part of any business that relies on direct customer service for their growth and continued prosperity.

Outsourcing your order fulfillment and logistics needs to an independent fulfillment company gives your business the freedom and versatility to grow at a much faster and more dependable rate of speed than if you were attempting to manage your logistics alone. Your business can trim operating costs, improve order efficiency, and lay claim to a treasure trove of logistics and order processing and shipment resources that otherwise might take years to acquire.

The service provider company you choose actually uses its own warehousing and processing facilities to store and prepare your product inventory for shipment to your customers. Deliveries from your supplier are sent directly to the service provider company, where they’re held in secure and climate controlled warehouse space until needed for shipment.When they’re selected for shipment to a customer the products are then given to the service provider’s preparation team, which makes sure that the shipment packaging is both secure and durable enough to withstand the trip to the customer. A tracking number is assigned, and finally the packaged is labeled with the address information and corporate logo of the business selling the product. This branding effectively makes the service provider company an invisible partner in the fulfillment process.

With the service provider company taking so much of the burden of day to day operations off your  shoulders you’re free to devote the saved time and revenue towards developing the front end of your business.  Tasks that you can spend more of your time on including marketing, storefront design or refurbishing, customer outreach strategies, or any goal you feel worth your attention will help your business reach the next level of growth. With outsourced fulfillment you’re able to enjoy doing the best parts of running a business without getting mired by the routine and difficulties of logistics servicing and administration. You’ll also find your business growing at a much faster pace than it would grow if you were trying to do everything yourself.