Fulfillment Companies Make Financial Sense Year Round

You’ve probably heard all the arguments for using a fulfillment service company for your mail order and drop shipping fulfillment needs, especially how fulfillment companies can benefit the small business, online business, and home-based mail order fulfillment needs commonly associated with warehousing, order shipment, pick and pack, cold storage, and other logistics management issues.

Fulfillment companies afford their client businesses another great convenience that shouldn’t be overlooked: the convenience that comes from safe and secure, climate controlled inventory storage and inventory fulfillment. Especially during the extreme weather months at the ends and the middle of each year, fulfillment companies provide their clients with sturdy, weather-resistant space in which to both store and process their life-giving inventory.


Snowstorms, hail, heavy rains, and freezing cold can mean deep trouble for many products sold through mail order fulfillment. Yet the warehouses provided by many fulfillment service companies remain weather proof day in and day out, their inventory contents dry and kept in moderate temperature conditions.


Though springtime means the beginning of the growing season and the time to cast off the heavy trappings of winter, it can also be a time of heavy rains, flooding, adverse cold snap temperatures as well as problems in shipping and transport associated with the changing of seasons.
Fulfillment companies can keep your inventory in a secure, central location, so after delivery you’re always sure of your inventory’s whereabouts. Fulfillment companies and warehouse fulfillment centers can accept the inventory directly from the wholesaler or manufacturer, further reducing the travel time and expense.


Just like winter’s cold, the heat and humidity of summer pose a number of threats to your inventory.  And as with winter, fuel costs can also rise, inflating transport and shipping costs. But fulfillment centers specialize in efficiency and speed when dealing with all logistics management issues. A good fulfillment service company can minimize processing time and order fulfillment times, meaning your product is safe and secure for as possible, and then shipped with the utmost rapidity.


The changing temperatures mean a shift in warehousing management, and also a time when many warehousing and fulfillment service companies choose to overhaul and revamp their operations and facilities. Good fulfillment service companies and inventory fulfillment managers are always upgrading their facilities, so that the inventory entrusted to them is always at its peak condition and in the highest conditions of safety.