Everything You Need to Know About Warehousing & Storage

Whether your business is just starting out or whether you’re a seasoned merchant with years of experience, proper and efficient storage of your product line remains one of your top business operating concerns. It’s not an exaggeration to say that efficient, cost-effective warehousing and pallet storage is a fulcrum upon which your successful sales spin, helping your business grown and at the same time keeping your existing customers satisfied with your inventory and delivery.

The basics of warehousing and order fulfillment are surprisingly simple, but can nevertheless seem daunting for the uninitiated. For those just beginning to plan their future logistics and order fulfillment needs, consider the following a quick reference:

Warehouse Management

More complicated than most believe, warehouse management includes a variety of responsibilities, including security, climate control, and floor space maximization. Warehouses are by definition large enclosed spaces, but the proper location and construction of their facilities often exerts a direct influence on the success of the inventory contained inside. For example, warehouses with adequate inventory staff and package shipping resources are much quicker to track and ship packages, overseeing all logistics fulfillment needs, than those warehouses that lack such abilities. Warehouse management can also oversee special needs for inventory control, such as cold storage and other special needs issues.

Fulfillment Logistics

This is an umbrella term used to describe all the detail management that goes into getting product lines successfully shipped to customers. Fulfillment logistics, like warehouse management, is a crucial part of customer service relations and a key function in developing a business’ growth. Fulfillment logistics can include planning for shipping and delivery times, organizing shipping and handling tasks and responsibilities, and tracking and planning inventory replenishment.

Staffing and Training

One of the main issues of warehouse management, and one of the most misunderstood, involves assembling a qualified and diligent warehouse team to handle the inventory and control that goes into order fulfillment on a daily basis. Warehouse management also means staff management, because a high employee turnover results in greater time and resources devoted to training and education, hurting order fulfillment potential.

Third Party Logistics Providers Take the Strain

In all of the above cases, business owners can sidestep the problems and challenges presented by enlisting the aid of a fulfillment center operator, otherwise known as a third party logistics provider. These companies provide complete warehousing and order fulfillment services based on a prearranged fee, on the client business’ behalf.