Cut Costs with a Pick and Pack Warehouse

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Contracting with a pack and pack warehouse is a great way to save money without sacrificing service. “Pick and pack” is a popular supply chain management technique utilized by companies of all sizes, although the benefits to small businesses can lead to substantial savings.

How does it work? It really is quite simple. Your company’s products are sent to the pick and pack warehouse.  Then those products are stored on pallets in a climate controlled facility until orders are placed by customers. When orders come in employees pack up the products and ship them to your customer, taking over all of the supply chain management for your company.

Fulfillment companies and third party providers also offer their customers  web-based inventory software that business managers and owners can access at any time. This software will allow you to check inventory levels, shipping times and costs. It’s the ideal way for a company manager or logistics manager to stay on top of the orders that are being placed and how quickly they are going out to make sure that the customers won’t be disappointed.

A pick and pack fulfillment company can streamline the ordering process for customers and provide the kind of great customer service that your customers expect while saving you money. Instead of having to maintain an entire business warehouse just for your products you are paying only for a portion of the space in the pack and pack warehouse. A small per item charge covers the costs of the customer service and the pick and pack service, saving you the cost of hiring and training customer service personnel as well as hiring and training warehouse staff to pack and ship the products once they have been ordered.

While both large and small businesses can benefit from using fulfillment centers that offer pick and pack service small businesses usually benefit the most because they have a smaller operating budget and need to cut their operational costs as much as possible without sacrificing the capability to fill hundreds or thousands of orders per day.  A pick and pack fulfillment center gives small businesses the large scale operational capability they need at a price which won’t bankrupt the business.