Business Baskets

Business baskets just aren’t just for secretaries anymore. Ongoing relationships between people in the same industry or in industries which support one another can be bolstered by giving tokens of appreciation, and business baskets are no exception. There is a huge variety of baskets designed for use in the business realm, but other baskets can fit the bill as well

Traditional business baskets are often fruit or snack baskets for good reason. Baskets such as these are a great way for everyone in an office to take a little something from a gift provided by a business partner or client. They can easily be appreciated and there is usually something for everyone in a basket such as these. If you intend on giving one of these types of baskets, make sure you have a reliable estimate on personnel to ensure you are able to provide a sample for everyone. Snacks to include are things like tea biscuits, a variety of cookies, a variety of crackers, some hard candies and maybe a little chocolate. If you cannot find a basket large enough, consider providing two or more baskets.

Business baskets can also be based on beverages. The recent popularity in coffees and teas is indicative of how successful a beverage basket can be in an office setting. You will need to include a couple of different types or flavors of coffee. Try to include a variety of teas in different blends, including chai styles. There are some who do not drink coffee or tea, so plan to include some hot chocolate or hot cider mixes as well. You can include flavored honey or flavored sugars to compliment the teas and coffee you selected, as well as flavored creamers and cinnamon sticks.

Office supplies are a must in any office. Why not incorporate them into a gift basket for a company you do business with regularly or for your administrative staff? Plan to include staples, replacement rolls of tape, pens, pencils (mechanical and regular), highlighters, markers and some sticky notes with fun colors or shapes. Any staff would love to get a great basket of goodies for the workplace.

In addition to the business baskets listed already, consider a muffin, cookie or Danish basket. These baked goods will thrill anyone who gets to select something from them. The cookies come in many different varieties and styles. You can choose larger cookies, or the small bite-sized ones in several flavors. Muffins also come in jumbo, regular and mini sizes and can be savory or sweet, or a combination of the two. Danish or doughnut baskets are always welcome, especially if they arrive early in the day. Consider having both fruit and cheese varieties of Danish or a wide array of doughnuts. That way there is something for everyone.

Business baskets are a great way to appreciate an office staff or fellow business. They can be a gift of thanks or congratulations, just remember to provide enough for everyone. Select business baskets for any reason you can think of.