A Tour of Your Fulfillment Provider’s Warehouse and Processing Center

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The modern warehousing and processing fulfillment center is a highly organized, efficiently-planned machine whose sole purpose is the successful and timely processing and shipping of your product inventory. Far from the musty warehouses and dreary storage and shipping facilities of times past, the multipurpose centers used by most fulfillment service providers are modern, clean, and most of all safe.

The Warehouse And Delivery Docks

Your service provider is able to accept deliveries of your product inventory directly to their processing and shipping centers with no need for you to re-route your product inventory shipments. Instead they arrange for your manufacturer or wholesaler to ship directly to them, accepting each shipment as soon as it arrives and processing it quickly and efficiently into their own facilities.

These facilities are state of the art and ultra-modern with only the latest in climate control and security technology. These expensive, expertly-engineered product inventory preservation tools aren’t affordable for most small businesses yet by outsourcing their fulfillment goals to a third party logistics management expert, they’re readily available as soon as the partnership agreement is finalized.

Climate control is a lot more than just air conditioning. Climate control means careful monitoring and regulation of air temperature, quality, and humidity. Climate control systems can be adjusted to accommodate the specific needs of a given inventory set; items requiring a greater temperature or humidity can be kept safe, while items needing drier and cooler storage are also easily stored. Some service providers also feature cold storage options for that particular type of inventory.

The Processing Center

Scientifically laid out for the highest amounts of both safety and efficiency, the processing center is usually adjacent to the storage facility, providing for ease of shipment preparation and processing. The processing staff is well-trained and work in well-lit, climate controlled areas, making sure they are comfortable and focused on product preservation and diligence in shipment preparation.

The processing center also uses shipping labels bearing the client business’ return address and corporate logo, so the fulfillment service company itself remains a “silent partner” in the order fulfillment. Once the product is prepared for shipment, the package is put into the hands of a designated shipment provider, and a tracking number is assigned that both the client business and the customer receive and can use to follow the delivery route.