A Mail Fulfillment Company can Help You Send Unique Promotional Items to Your Customers

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Image by eagle102.net via Flickr

Choosing unique promotional items and using a mail fulfillment company to get them out to customers is a great way to set your business apart.  Customers love receiving unique promotional items. Sending unique items that are useful in daily life but themed  for your business can help customers remember your name and website. For example, if your Web business sells refrigerator magnets sending customers a refrigerator magnet with your company name and website on it will remind customers to get their magnets from your company every time they open the fridge.

Mail fulfillment companies are the perfect choice for businesses who want to send out unique promotional items because they can pack and ship just about anything cheaply and safely.  You’re not going to send out the same promotional item year after year, so each year you would have to find new packaging that would protect the item and not cost a fortune, then you would have to stock up on packing materials, and pay a high cost to ship that item to everyone on your mailing list or all your previous customers. That’s a waste of valuable time and money.

The shipping experts at a mail fulfillment center can adapt quickly when you change promotional items and can find the best packaging for an item using the shipping supplies already on hand. Because the fulfillment center buys shipping materials in huge quantities the cost of those supplies, and the actual mailing cost of the item, will be lower than if you were trying to buy those supplies and ship those items yourself.  Centrally located fulfillment houses can also save you money because items shipped from a central location will cost less no matter what shipping carrier you choose to use.

Mail fulfillment companies can also change the type and size of the storage space that you rent depending on what the product is. So instead of having to try and find new storage space every time you change promotional products  all of your products can be shipped to the mail fulfillment center and the professional staff there will figure out the best space for your items.

These days it’s important for small businesses to find cost effective ways to set their business apart from others.  Investing in unique or different promotional products and mailing them to customers using the services of a mail fulfillment company is the perfect way to impress your customers and not break your budget.