3 Ways Using Fulfillment Services Will Help Your Business Expand

Signing up for fulfillment services can free up enough capital to expand your business without taking on more debt.  The day to day operations of most businesses eat up a huge amount of working capital. Using fulfillment services allows businesses to still provide great customer service and fast order shipment to customers without the cost of maintaining a pool of customer service reps or packing and shipping technicians. If you have not thought about switching to fulfillment services to cut costs and improve efficiency so that your business can expand consider these three ways that switching to a fulfillment company will cut your operational costs:

1. Fulfillment services eliminate the need to pay for outside storage.  Many business owners find that the cost of storing products before shipment takes up a huge chunk of available cash. When you sign up with a fulfillment services company you can save money by leasing a space in the fulfillment center.  Orders are delivered directly to the center, and orders are packed and shipped directly from the center. You do not have to pay for maintenance or any of the other costs of owning or maintaining a storage space and you can lease as little or as much space as you need.  Trimming your storage costs can give you enough money to expand your product line and increase sales.

2. Fulfillment services solve your staffing problems .  When you use a fulfillment company you will never again have to worry about scheduling problems among your customer service staff. No more interviewing, hiring and training new customer service reps.  Saving money on employee turnover and on the lost productivity that stems from employee turnover can increase the amount of money you have available to try new products, open a new office, or expand your business in other ways.

3. Pay less for shipping, get more money for expansion.  Fulfillment companies are able to ship orders much more cheaply than private businesses because of the high volume of packages they ship.  You can take advantage of the special pricing breaks that fulfillment services companies get when you sign up for their services. The money that you save on shipping will add up fast, and can provide the money to expand your business to a new market, add new products to the product line that you currently offer, or start a new business altogether.  Fulfillment services are the best way for companies to get the money they need for continued growth without sacrificing quality or service.